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Wedding Styles

Sep 21, 2021

There are a million ways you can make your wedding unique and stylish. From the color palette you choose, to the number of guests, you’ve got many choices. However, it can feel overwhelming to worry about so many things. That is why it is better to narrow down your choices to a particular style. Hence, the first thing you and your partner should do is choose your wedding style. After that, think about things that fit the style. 
A wedding style is simply how you want your wedding to look in terms of setting, decoration, and organization. It could be modern, traditional, romantic, elegant, classic, rustic, ….. the list is endless. In a few words, we will describe the common wedding styles and leave you to choose. Remember, the celebration of this event may only last one day, but its memory will remain with you forever. Choose a style that will create a great memory for you and your partner.

Classic Wedding Style
When you talk about a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is a classic wedding. This wedding style, also called traditional wedding style, is the kind of wedding you probably grow up knowing. It usually takes place in the church, a garden, or a hall. The groom and the groom’s men wear wedding suits or tuxedos, while the bride wears the traditional wedding gown. Guests are entertained in a beautifully decorated room, and there could be side attractions. The benefit of this style is that it is popular, yet timeless. You must have witnessed a similar one before, so you know very well how it is done. Also, you can be sure it can’t be out of fashion. When you show your wedding pictures to your grandchildren 50 years later, they might dream of a similar style for their own. 



Rustic Wedding Style
When we say rustic, we are referring to a rural style. But when it comes to your wedding, do as you please! A rustic wedding style incorporates a countryside life, nature, or rustic elements like wood or metal. It could be done on farmland, mountain top, under a tree, or even in the forest. It keeps everyone relaxed, and usually skips out on the formal activities that usually characterize traditional weddings.



Beach Wedding
You may decide not to go to the church, a garden, or a hall to tie the knot. Rather, it can be done on a beach and still be just as magical. One advantage of a beach wedding is that there is no rule, and if there is, it is your rule. You may choose to dress in a formal way to the beach or in a relaxed way. The same applies to your guests. They may dress in any way they like. You can invite a small number of guests, or go for a bigger crowd. It can be brief or extensive. On your special day, you should choose the style that suits your taste the best.



Modern Wedding Style
The modern wedding style tends to break away from the traditional wedding. It is anything non-traditional. Instead of having your wedding in the church, why can’t you have it in a museum or even a hotel or nightclub? It is usually bold and full of style. As time passes and we stray from classic styles, why not do something out of the ordinary for your wedding day?



Garden Wedding Style
If you love beautiful gardens, why not have your wedding in one? A garden wedding will showcase the beauty of an outdoor event. You don’t need an elaborate decoration any longer, as every garden comes with natural beauty. Like a beach wedding, you may decide to keep it formal or relax the rules. You can also choose to entertain your guest in the garden or move the reception to a nearby hall. 



Cultural Wedding Style
If you love your culture so much and want the world to know, then go for a cultural wedding. A cultural wedding style will enable you to celebrate your culture on your big day. You can also showcase the culture of your partner in a multicultural wedding style. This kind of wedding is a celebration of ethnic diversity and customs. The way you go about it will depend a lot on the nature of your custom. But since it is your culture, you will surely enjoy it.



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