The History of Wedding Veils and Modern Alternatives

The History of Wedding Veils and Modern Alternatives Background

The History of Wedding Veils and Modern Alternatives

May 16, 2021

Many people will agree that wedding veils look beautiful on brides and compliment all kinds of bridal dresses. However, not many people know why brides use veils. Hence, it may be difficult to decide for or against it if you are considering other options. So, let’s briefly discuss the origin of bridal veils and then look at other alternatives.The use of veils in weddings can be traced back to the time of the Roman Empire. Some scholars even traced it to the Greek era, while the Jewish Torah recorded Rebecca using a veil before meeting Isaac, her spouse. During the Roman kingdom, the bride would walk down the aisle with her face covered to hide from evil spirits that may want to hurt her on her big day. 

Aside from hiding the bride from evil spirits, veils were used to hide the bride from the groom as people believed that the groom must not see the bride’s face until she has been handed to him. Even in more modern societies, veils were not eradicated from wedding culture, rather they were used as a symbol of modesty. It could also symbolize chastity and purity.



However, around the 17th century, the veil disappeared from the wedding ritual in most parts of the world. It later resurfaced in 1840 when Queen Victoria wore it on her wedding day. Then, it became a symbol of wealth and social status.


Modern Alternatives to Wedding Veils


Today, bridal veils are seen by many as fashion accessories. Even though it is rooted in tradition, not many people use veils to symbolize any critical thing. Hence if you chose not to wear it, you wouldn’t be missing anything. 

Besides, veils are traditional, and not all ladies follow tradition. Nothing stops you from following your heart, even on your big day. It’s your wedding, and it must be your rule. So, what alternatives do you have if you don’t want to wear a veil on your wedding day?


Bridal Capes


Just like veils, bridal capes can elegantly complement any wedding dress. Capes are worn on the gown, and they can extend to any length of your choice. You can go for a capelet that will stop above your waist. That will add style to your dressing and make you look bold and confident. You can also let it extend to the floor, for a glamorous look. They are usually a boat-neck style, but you can make yours high if you want, for a sexy and classic look.




If you love hats, who says you cannot wear one on your wedding day? You can shun the tradition and put on a matching hat to give you a fashionable look. A white hat will be perfect on many wedding dresses, but you can explore varieties of other color options. However, your hat must be light and must not interfere with proceedings on the day. If you want glamor and wish to make it colorful, you can add flowers to match your bouquet.  


Flower Crowns


Rather than covering your head, you can decorate it with flowers on your wedding day. Flower crowns have one great benefit; they can be tailor-made to suit individual desires. Many types of flowers can be used to make a crown for you on your big day. Hence you get to choose your color, texture, and design. That will make you look exactly the way you wish and boost your confidence. There is no better time to look bold.