Everything You Need to Know About the Wedding Garter

Everything You Need to Know About the Wedding Garter Background

Everything You Need to Know About the Wedding Garter

Oct 10, 2021

While some brides believe the wedding garter is an ancient tradition, some consider it a fun, ceremonious part of any wedding. No matter how you view it, the tossing of wedding garter is a significant part of wedding custom that is not going to disappear anytime soon. But what exactly is wedding garter, and how did it get into wedding culture? 


What is a Wedding Garter?

A wedding garter is a narrow band of fabric worn around one of the bride’s legs on her wedding day. The groom is expected to remove it with his hand or teeth and toss it to the crowd. It is believed that whoever catches among the bachelors in the crowd will be the next to get married. The tossing of the wedding garter is similar to the tossing of the bouquet, except that while the bouquet is expected to bring wedding fortune to single ladies, the garter is for single men.



How Does it Start?

The tossing of the wedding garter has been around for centuries. It was believed to have originated during the middle ages. Those days, the people were so convinced that bridal clothing is endowed with good fortunes that they could follow the couple home and rip off their clothes. To prevent this, the bride will throw her bouquet while the groom will throw garter to them as pieces of the bride’s dressing. While the crowd struggles for this, the new couple can safely escape home.


Where on The Bride’s Body is the Wedding Garter Worn?

There is no specific leg that is preferred for a wedding garter. In the same way, there is no particular part of the leg that you must wear it on. However, most brides usually wear it just above the knee. In that place, you can tie it loosely without the risk of falling. That location will also be convenient for your movement on the day. 


What Color and Material is a Wedding Garter Made of?

The most popular color is white, but it could be any color. You can also match it to your bridal lingerie and choose to keep it on for the rest of the night. Wedding garters are usually made of lace or satin. But just like the color, there is no fixed rule.


Modern Modification to the Tradition

Today, not many people will rely on a piece of lingerie to bring them good fortune. However, there is still a lot of fun in the tradition. If you love it, you can add it to your wedding ceremony. However, if you have a reservation about it, you can modify the process or skip it completely. It’s your wedding, and you must do whatever is convenient for you.

Some brides do not have problems with the garter tossing but are not comfortable with the groom removing the piece of clothing from their thighs in public. No problem, you don’t have to do it if you are not at ease with it. You may keep your garter in your purse and simply hand it over to your partner to toss.

Another way you can use a wedding garter is to keep it for the night. It can be saved for when you are alone with your partner after the day’s event. After all, it is a piece of lingerie, and there is no better night to be mindful of your undergarments than your wedding night.