All About Wedding Gown Alterations

All About Wedding Gown Alterations Background

All About Wedding Gown Alterations

Sep 21, 2021

You must have tried your best to choose a wedding gown that perfectly brings out the bride in you. Kudos for that! But to be frank, the word “perfect” is an exaggeration. No wedding gown comes perfect. Only a few brides will take a wedding gown from the shop straight to the altar. Not because your size is not common or your fit is difficult to achieve, but because manufacturers usually love to make dresses a little long. This is to accommodate people of all heights. Besides, nothing fits like what is tailor-made. That is why you need a seamstress to add the details needed to perfect your big day’s dress. 


Another reason you will need a wedding gown alteration is the change in your body size. When shopping for a wedding dress, you will likely be advised to give allowance for a change in your body size. This is more important if you are buying the dress early in your preparation. You’ve never been in this space before, so you have no idea how it’s going to affect you. But as the big day approaches, you will know where you stand.  That will be the time to alter your dress to fit your body perfectly. So, here is everything you need to know about wedding gown alterations.



Let’s Start with Wedding Dress Fitting


The aim of wedding dress fitting is to adjust your wedding dress to fit your body. Guests will admire you and your beautiful gown. Hence, the dress must be altered so that it correctly fits your size and shape. The length will be adjusted such that it won’t be too long but long enough to cover your shoes. The bust, waist, and hips must be adjusted to accentuate your body properly. You may also need to shorten the straps as most wedding gowns come with a little longer straps to accommodate all body sizes. Other adjustments may include the addition of waist stay and train loops.

Wedding dress fittings are usually done on more than one appointment. The first appointment should be done within an hour and usually consists of basic fittings that are obvious. This could be done immediately after buying the dress. If you desire only one more fitting, you should schedule it close to your wedding day. By then, you would have been sure what your body size will be on the big day. 


What to Do on Your Fitting Appointment Day


If you have scheduled an appointment with your tailor, consider it as a vital part of your wedding plan. Here are some tips to make sure you come prepared.  


Decide What You Want Beforehand


Decide ahead of the day the kind of adjustment you want. If you can get a picture to explain to the seamstress how you want the dress to look on your body, bring it!


Bring Your Wedding Shoes


It is best if all measurements are taken with full consideration of the shoes you will wear on the big occasion. Therefore, go in your wedding shoes. Put them on to confirm the dress genuinely fits.